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    My features in '06


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    My features in '06

    Post by Bionic on Thu Jun 25, 2015 2:47 am

    Fairly old list I had on February 9th 2013. Hope you like Smile



    Main Menu:



    XBOX LIVE/Playstation Network(pending)




    Single player:

    Episode Select (Sonic, Shadow, Silver)

    Stage Select (All stages and town missions)

    Gold medal/Silver medal Results


    Co-op Campaign: Tag a buddy along and do story-mode together locally

    Battle: Verse your friends threw any stage(s) locally (Modes coming up)


    Online Co-op campaign: Tag a friend or random player along and cooperate in campaign together online

    Battle: Verse your friend or random player threw any stage(s)

    Tournament: Bring up to 16 players to your custom lobby and start a tourny.

    Leaderboards: A list of records by players around the globe, try and reach the top!


    Audio room: Contains all soundtracks, FX, and voice clips that you can freely listen to.

    Theater room: Contains all cutscenes and recorded clips from local or online play(Pending)

    How To Play: Contains clips of tips and strategies on how to play the game Semi-flawlessly


    Contains the options to adjust music/sound/vocal volume, to change language, Adjust screen brightness, and the option to disable hint rings


    Multiplayer Features:

    Action Race: Blaze threw high-spead levels with Sonic,Shadow,Blaze,Epsio

    Objective/Team Objective: Do certain objectives with knuckles, rouge, tikal (Pending)

    Dog Fight: Fly infinitely and duel threw the skies with Tails, Omega, Silver, Rouge

    Vehicle Racing: Race with all characters in vehicles based off shadow's vehicles and fight your way to the finish line. (Up to 4 players locally, 2 drivers and the 2 on shotgun, thats right DJ (;.. The ones on shotgun use the gun torrents or wait for the driver to collect enough rings so that he can activate their signature move) 16 players online, 8 drivers and 8 on shotgun. (Can be played without passenger)(Pending)


    Item/box power-ups:

    Rings: Ring count increases by 5,10,20.

    Invincibility: Become invincible for a limited time.

    Standard Shield: Protects character from light attacks, can only take one from heavy attacks.

    Fire shield: Protects from fire attacks until shield fully fades away (Same applies for light attacks). Takes one hit by Heavy attacks.

    High speed/Speed shoes: Increases running speed for a short time.

    Gauge up: replenishes action gauge.

    1-up: Grants an extra life.


    Music staying:

    All of Wave Ocean

    All of Dusty dessert

    All of Aquatic Base

    All of Crisis City

    Flame core "The Cavern"

    All of Radical Railway (You read it correctly)

    All of Aquatic Base

    All Boss music Except for Iblis's and Vs. Character music.

    All Town Music except for the 4 mission tracks.

    All themes (Main Menu Theme being replaced with the unreleased track)

    Mission complete

    Town Mission complete


    Invincibility/Speed shoes

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