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    My gameplay/button maps for '06


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    My gameplay/button maps for '06

    Post by Bionic on Thu Jun 25, 2015 2:48 am

    My list of gameplay/button mapping for '06 made on February 9th 2013.

    Button Mapping.

    Sonic: Y- Light Dash (Mid-air or ground)
    X- Grounded(hold)-Spindash, (Mid-air)- Bounce attack (Tap while in spindash formation to un-roll like in SA2)
    B- Spinkick (Grounded & Moving)(Hold and release or tap)
    A- Jump, (Mid-air)-Jump Dash, (Mid-air)(Near enemy)- homing attack

    Tails: Y- FPV (First Person View) Dummy Ring Throw
    X- Grounded(Tap)- Dummy ring throw
    B- Tail whip (Grounded or Mid-air)
    A- Jump, (Hold to ascend, let go to slowly descend like SA1)

    Knuckles: Y- N/A
    X- Grounded (Standing/walking)- one-two punch, Grounded (Running) one-two punch, (Mid-air)- Drill drive
    B- Homing punch (Stand still or while moving)
    A- Jump, (Mid-air)- Glide

    Shadow: Y- Enter vehicle, (Mid-air) Light Dash
    X- Grounded(Hold) spindash, (Mid-air) Chaos spear
    B- Grounded(Standing,walking,running) Spin-kick, (Mid-air) Chaos attack x5
    A- Jump, (Mid-air)- Jump dash, (Mid-air, tap, near enemy)- Homing attack (Holding will give you a short delay after impact giving you a chance to use chaos snap or chaos attack x5

    Rouge: Y- FPV Bomb Throw (Grounded or while flying)
    X- Standard kick combo x3, (Running) running kick combo
    B- Grounded Un-aimed bomb throw, (Hold) x5 Bomb Barage
    A- Jump, (Mid-air)- Fly (Airplane physics)

    Omega: Y- N/A
    X- Grounded/Mid-air (Hold) lock-on shot barrage, (Tap) lock-on shot
    B- Omega Launcher
    A- Jump, (Mid-air) Glide

    Blaze: Y- N/A
    X- (Mid-air or Grounded) Fire Claw Dash AKA Homing Dash (Midair/Grounded and near enemy)- Fire claw/Homing Attack
    B- Grounded (Tap) Spinning claw (Can last longer depending on how long you've pressed and held it)
    A- Grounded- Jump

    Silver: Y- Light Dash (mid-air & grounded)
    X- (Grounded,Mid-air) Hold Smash
    B- Psychic Slash x3 (Mid-Air, Grounded)
    A- Jump, (Mid-Air)- levitate, (Quickly pressed after jump) Teleport dash
    RB- Acceleration(Grounded)(Action Gauge Slowly depletes while used)
    RT- Psychokinesis (Turning it on during a Light Dash will speed you up)

    Amy: Y- N/A
    X- Grounded Hammer Attack x4, (Mid-air)- Aerial Hammer Attack
    B- Evade
    A- (Grounded)- Jump, (Mid-air)- Double Jump

    Espio(Pending): Y- Invisibility (Last until gauge fully depletes)
    X- (Tap, Grounded, Mid-air) Kunai Throw, (Hold, Grounded/Mid-air) Shuriken Throw)
    B- Repel (If done at right time, you can repel any attack just before it impacts)
    A- Jump, (Mid-air)- Homing Impact

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