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    my OLD story ideas for '06


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    my OLD story ideas for '06

    Post by Bionic on Thu Jun 25, 2015 2:49 am

    This one I'm afraid of, but it was pretty damn old so whatever. Let me know what you think!

    Shadow: The ark trilogy was over, thanks to none other then Sonic and Shadow. The commander honored Shadow and gave him a new life style. Shadow was brought to an agency known as G.U.N where he would train and become one of them, no questions ask. He was committed to this new life style until they informed him about his client, Rouge the Bat. The one he worked and shared a massive grudge against. Things went smoother then expected as Rouge was willing to work, guide, and train with him. What will he go threw throughout his journey? how will the relationship between him and rouge go? Who had awakened him momentarily after the fatal crash? It's all unknown, for now.

    (Shadow gets involved with the solaris project and does research about it pronto. And gives more info to sonic and elise like the scepters, 6 gods Etc.)

    Elise: Elise continues to keep her fathers promise that was given to her as he sealed the God of Soleanna known as Solaris. "Don't let Solaris be taken by the wrong hands. Be strong, and don't feel pressured when having to deny". After the majority of the Royal Family were demolished including her father, Elise no longer wanted to be the Kind-hearted girl she used to be, nor give sympathy to anyone. But that may have been her depression speaking. Unless she was truly unaware of the dangerous path she'd chosen to take.

    Sonic: Sonic was doing his daily travels. But after being told by knuckles and tails that Dr.Eggman was at it again at a town known as Soleanna, he sprung into action to see what the doctor was up to this time. As he arrived he'd noticed that the doctor was targeting an innocent girl known as elise which sonic assumed she was refusing all of eggman's request. It seemed as if she was holding a blue gem, maybe an emerald he assumed. But regardless, he crashed the party before havoc erupted. Smack talking his way threw eggman and his badniks with yet another defeat, sonic takes elise with him as he escapes from eggman's desperation attack. As sonic & Elise wandered off, sonic begins questioning her. Why was eggman after you? Why do you have an emerald grasped in your hand? Elise tells him that the emerald she'd held was about to be taken and used to bring the ancient god known as Solaris. Solaris was apparently sealed 1000 years ago by her ancestors she assumed. She'd found the emerald during her travels and was planning to just take a picture of it and leave. Until the solaris police informed her about an attack by someone known as doctor eggman, who had come to retrieve an emerald. The emeralds he's gathering are to be used for his ultimate plan.. to summon Solaris. Which is why she chose to take it and keep it with her to prevent that from ever happening. Eggman came back and asked for the emerald again, this time he promised he'd take it by brute force if they refused. (This is where sonic arrives). Though, sealing solaris is yet a mystery to her.

    Silver: 1000 years ago, Silver's tribe & the royal family worked together to seal Solaris after it awakened and caused havoc on his planet. Solaris is made up of 6 gods, all are based off of elemental hazards on earth. Heat (fire/magma), Darkness, Wind, Gravity/physics, Cold (Ice/water), and Electricity. Their job was to extract each god into their scepters. Unfortunately, 5 out of the 6 were sealed which did stop the Solaris rampage, but let the remaining god on the loose, which was Mephiles the god of darkness. During all of this, the tribe insisted that Silver traveled to a different planet where he could live in peace. (This was actually done because Silver held something that none other from his tribe had, Telekinetic powers. They also believed that he could grow up and one day stop Solaris and the 6 gods from ever appearing). Silver was sent to planet earth. Instead of enjoying himself, he felt guilty, powerless... and wanted to train hard until he one day had the ability to defeat enemies as powerful as Solaris & the gods. Meanwhile, mephiles had awakened after the battle that occurred 1000 years ago. He had awakened the 5 gods and planned to reunite which would form Solaris yet again. Problem was, he needed the 7 chaos emeralds in order to do so. Luckily, these gods had the ability to track down these emeralds no matter how far they were. (Which explains how they fused back then). They stated that the emeralds were located on the planet Earth and left there right away. A few years before the gods left, silver encountered Blaze. Silver kindly told her about what happened 1000 years ago on his planet & what he chooses to accomplish. Blaze insists on helping him reach these goals and becomes his mentor.

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